State and Local News

The Northeast Community College volleyball team struggled right out of the gates but were able to breeze past Southwestern Community College. The Hawks took down the Spartans in three straight sets in ICCAC play on Wednesday night. Set scores were 25-13, 25-13, and 25-16. Hannah Heppner led the way for the offense recording 13 kills and no errors. Josie Sanger pitched in 17 digs while Makayla Davidson added 14 digs and 12 assists. The Hawks will be back in action this weekend as they travel to the Lincoln Land Tournament on Friday and Saturday.

First National Bank of Omaha understands the importance of agriculture in Nebraska. First National Bank of Omaha has committed two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars towards the Nexus Campaign at Northeast Community College. Don Polodna, president of First National Bank, mentioned that agriculture was the largest industry in Nebraska and said it was important to her business. Funding for the $23 million agriculture and water center for excellence project is currently being solicited to expand the agriculture facilities at Northeast Community College.  Northeast is seeking at least 13 million dollars in funds to begin the initial phase.

Two Antelope County commissioners are out of their jobs following a successful recall. Voters elected to remove Allan Bentley and Tom Borer from office. The recall was prompted when residents filed affidavits against the men, charging them with mismanagement of county funds and misappropriation of taxpayer dollars, among other allegations

A Lincoln man is recovering after he was rescued from spending 24 hours in a storm water drain pipe this week.  Lincoln fire officials say someone heard the man’s cries for help from the drain and called the fire department.  Officials say the man had no food or water while he was trapped.  They also say they have no idea how he became stuck inside the four-foot-wide pipe – along with his bicycle.

National News

An airstrike, launched by the U.S. military, has taken out an American base in Syria. The Army says two F-15 jets intentionally bombed a munitions storage bunker to destroy ammunition and to make sure the facility no longer had military value. American troops had abandoned the base as they pulled out of Northern Syria. The pull-out allowed Turkey’s military to invade the region.

U.S. flags are flying at half-staff to honor Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings. The House Oversight Committee chairman died this morning at the age of 68. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was “personally devastated” by the news of the veteran congressman’s death. President Trump offered his condolences in the passing of Cummings.

A county in Washington state is suing e-cigarette maker JUUL. King County’s lawsuit claims 90-percent of tobacco and nicotine violations in Seattle Public Schools during the 2017-2018 school year involved vaping, and more than 60-percent of those were for JUUL use. King County also says JUUL fueled the current vaping public health crisis. Health officials now say a dozen people have come down with severe vaping-related lung illness in Washington.

Two California men are facing charges in connection with cheese theft. Roderick Ransom and Jairo Alvarez were taken into custody Tuesday and booked on charges of grand theft and embezzlement and possession of stolen property. Authorities say the two men have stolen $50,000 of cheese from Leprino Foods since 2017. The stolen cheese was then sold online, door to door and at flea markets across California.

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