December 7, 2017

State and Local News

A pretrial hearing for a teenage boy who is being accused of trying to sexually assault a staff member at Gering High School. The teen appeared in Scotts Bluff Juvenile Court Wednesday on charges for attempted first degree sexual assault, use of a weapon during a felony and terroristic threats. The incident took place last month at Gering High School. The hearing is to take place in January 2018.

Northeast Community College is encouraging everyone to stay safe and know their limits during the holiday season. Students in Stefanie Mundil’s Personal Training course are presenting information on the danger of getting behind the wheel while consuming alcohol across the campus. The handouts given to students showed statistics of the number of deaths on Nebraska roads and how to prevent drunk driving. They also handed out “Smarties” to remind people to stay smart and drive sober especially during the holiday season.


The Norfolk Police responded to a call regarding a suspicious vehicle. At around 2:48 a.m., officers arrived around the area of 4th Street and Michigan Avenue to find a male sleeping in his car. 21-year-old Zachary Mansfield was identified as the man in the suspicious vehicle. Manfield’s record showed that he had an active warrant in Madison County. The officers searched the vehicle and found a pair of brass knuckles and a switchblade knife. Mansfield was arrested for his warrant along with carrying a concealed weapon. He was booked into the Norfolk City Jail and later posted bond and was released.


World and National News


Minnesota Senator is being pushed to step down due to numerous accusations of sexual misconduct. Al Franken spoke on the floor of the Senate this morning. The former “Saturday Night Live” star apologizes for his actions and is offering to fully cooperate with the Senate ethics investigation. Franken’s office tamped down resignation rumors overnight, saying no decision has been made.

F-B-I Director is testifying before Congress today. Chris Wray is trying restore the F-B-I’s image. Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte (Good-Lawdee) says Wray has a lot of work to do to restore it. Wray took over the bureau in August. Goodlatte says the F-B-I’s image as an impartial, non-political organization has been called into question. Goodlatte also accused the F-B-I of mishandling the Hillary Clinton email investigation and repeated a call for a second special counsel to probe the Clinton case. President Donald Trump recently tweeted that the F-B-I is quote “in tatters”.


U-N Ambassador is casting doubt on whether American athletes will attend the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Nikki Haley says it’s an “open question” whether U-S athletes will be able to attend the winter games. The games will be held this February in Pyeongchang (Pay-iong-chang), which is not far from the North Korean border. Haley said that she is worried for American athletes because North Korea has grown increasingly hostile while pursuing its nuclear ambitions. She also said the Trump administration will work to find the best way to protect the athletes.

Police are investigating a school shooting in Aztec, New Mexico. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Department says a shooter was taken into custody at Aztec High School. It is unknown of how many people are hurt or their exact conditions but do know that some are wounded. The sheriff’s department says the school was evacuated around nine this morning. Two neighboring schools have been placed under lockdown. Aztec is roughly 180 miles northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico

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